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Featured Services

Personal Concept Design

Personal Concept Design

We introduce you to the the Sacred Geometry (SG) – Personal Concept Design – Architectural Service (AS), which is the portal to your wellbeing, enhancing the invisible connections among yourself, your space and environment. Remember who you are and realise your projects!

‘Enlightening’ Tarot Reading

‘Enlightening’ Tarot Reading

Are you eager to discover what aspect of you is dominant now in your life? Do you want explore a brief and creative solution for any life situation?

It is a face to face experience with the power of the Tarot to unveil unknown aspects of your unconscious mind and personality. Only one or three Tarot Cards and ten minutes of Tarot Cards reading.

‘Journey’ Tarot Reading

‘Journey’ Tarot Reading

The Tarot Cards are a powerful tool to explore your psyche, through which you’ll find unexpected solutions to your everyday life.

I’ll translate for you their unknown mythological language and through their signs, symbols, and colours you’ll be transformed as a whole. I will guide you in this sixty minutes reading.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki Healing Sessions

Allow an immediate stress release, rebalancing your body’s energies.

A Blazing Rainbow Reiki Healing Session is a fulfilling experience beyond any possible Reiki treatment you ever received. Discover why and book a session.

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