Which island are you looking for?

What do you have in mind?

What is the challenge, here and now, for you?

Welcome to the gates of the Blazing Rainbow’s Archipelago. 

Wherever you are right now, please, stand, take a deep breath and imagine the Archipelago as a safe-sacred timeless place.

Whoever lands on these shores, will see, touch and taste different things because we will guide each person to a unique and bespoke journey.

Scroll down, and you have a map and a compass to start your journey.

Reiki Island

“I want to be happy, but the daily problems are stressing me, and my body is often in pain

The High Spirit of the Energy Balance dwells in the Reiki Island. Here the universe will give you a warm hug with energy healing treatments. You will find a new fresh start and the opportunity to be a Reiki Practitioner, and give Reiki to your beloved.

To Reiki Island

This Way

Sacred Geometry Island

“I have an incredible project in mind, but I have so many creative ideas and I feel lost; it is so complicated


“I wish to renovate/build my home or work environment, but I’m not sure what I want and what would fit me”

The Goddess of the Pure Creativity and the Spirit of Golden Ratio are waiting for you on the Sacred Geometry Island. I will guide you to rediscover those spirits and reconnect to your true-self; embracing your own creativity and remembering who you are.

To Sacred Geometry Island

Straight Ahead

Archetype Island

“I want to build my business and live a fulfilling relationship, but there is a devastating crisis and my last relationship affected my self-confidence

The invisible connections of new possibilities are all around you in the Archetype Island.

It is a sacred place populated by your warrior ancestors, primordial archetypes, and primitive energies. It is also the reign of the Psyche. I will help you to unveil your own unconscious mind with powerful tools that have been forgotten in the Western and Eastern cultures, and unleash the energies to be the creator of your new life.

To Archetype Island

Round the Corner

Mystical Marriage Island

“I want to experience a higher spiritual level to share with my students during my yoga practices, but I feel deep unknown resistances, and everything seems to be harder and difficult


“I’m a psychologist and feel I can give more to my patients by extending my knowledge of spiritual practices. How can I create solid roots to develop this new knowledge?

The Mystical Marriage Island is enriched by a deep green wild forest. In the deepest recesses of its heart resides an ancient mystical-alchemical-tantric source of knowledge. If your intuition led you to this place, we will work side by side to reconnect this wisdom with every level of your being. It is not an easy land to walk through, but it will reward you with precious treasures of awakening.

To Mystical Marriage Island

Stand, Here

and Now

“There is always a ‘but’ generated by the mind’s power in our thoughts that comes in between our dreams and their realisation. The extra-ordinary power of our soul will overcome any ‘but’ in our lives.”