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The word sacred in this contest is not related to any religious system, it stands for the ancient Latin concept of sacrum-facere; which is the idea of living and acting from the heart, following our soul intent.

‘There is a pattern in the heavens where those who want, can see it and establish it in their own hearts’, said Socrates in his Republic.

There was a time when an architect and an individual were fully feeling and were conscious of the connection with the space and environment they worked and lived in. 

Something went wrong, and the sacred geometries that design our world, got lost. This is dramatically evident in our cities, work places and in the intimacy of our own homes.

The Personal Concept Design-Service (PCD) is my analytical and spiritual answers to the contemporary desacralised and depersonalised architectural design process. 

The Sacred Geometry Personal Concept-Design (PCD) Architectural Service

Are you looking for a healthy and balanced project for your home or work-place?

Getting access to PCD Service will show you how. Scroll down to learn more and read the service details.

The Personal Concept Design will help you to visualise the ideal home or work-space, satisfying the natural needs of your being, living in a healthy and balanced environment.

The first step is to get rid of all the superstructures and false beliefs, which are the heavy burden inherited from our society and culture.

Whoever reconnects with his unconscious mind awakes powerful resources.

You will have a clear understanding of who you are, where you are and what are the game’s rules of your local environment. You will reclaim your vital space, rediscovering the real boundaries and crossing new thresholds.

We guide you through a process of clear visualisation that shows you how to design the idea you want to realise.

The PCD Service is designed to help you to overturn the usual perspective about your relationship with your home, the objects and the environment. An extra-ordinary universe of architectural concept design will be opened up to you.

We have helped hundreds of individuals to go through the Personal Concept design process.

We have designed concept-project for private, small-business owners, and international retail companies; helping them to find and realise their true-intent in building or renovating houses, stores and offices.

How the Personal Concept Design Service Works

The PCD Service is broken down in seven modules. Each module bridges you into an insight through an increasingly detailed set of guided experiences. You will receive a digital copy of your Concept Project, ready to be entrusted for the final design and realisation.

01. Getting Rid Of & Making Room

We reset and get rid of the super-structure and old agreements which have been keeping you caged in a restricted false comfort-zone. We make room for new fresh experiences and practical knowledge.

02. Moving from Mind to Heart Centre

We move from the noisy narrative of the mind to a quieter place: you will discover how productive could be dwell into the inner space of the heart’s intelligence. From there, we sharpen the tools of a vivid creativity.

03. Intuition and Creativity Explosion

We let the creativity spread its seeds all around. You will nurture those seeds with your intuition. We design the big-picture of this concept. You will experience a momentum of rebirth and blooming, at every level of your being.

04. The Foundation of a New Vision

We build on your insights a solid structure to sustain the skeleton of your concept project. You will focus on every detail of your vision. We work on the pros&cons of multiple possible choices, reaching a final draft concept.

05. The Soul Carpenter Toolbox  

We share with you the specific set of tools of this evolutive design process, that you can use. You will refine your intent and vision and will be ready to the final insight.

06. The Keystones

We unveil the keystones of your concept project. You will have a look at the big-picture of the concept project. We proceed to a final check and review.

07. Results and Will-In-Action

We produce the physical and digital documentation as result of the concept design process. You will be ready to entrust the local professional, suppliers and contractors for the final design and construction.

An extra-ordinary Architectural Service. A seven-week concept design process that overturns the traditional relationship between clients and architects.

Are you ready to reclaim your space and create what is true and good for you?

The Sacred Geometry Personal Concept Design – Architectural Service is a very intense and specific design process, we accept only four Personal Concept Design clients per year and never at the same time . 

By clicking on the Apply-For-More button, you will access to the Application page. Sending it, you will ignite the Awareness-Process – three emails in 48 hours – which will give you a clear idea of:

  1. Three Deadly Architect’s Client Mistakes.
  2. What Even an Expert in the Architectural Industry Doesn’t Know.
  3. Why Everything You Have Been Taught About How Architecture Works Is Wrong.


Are you ready to reclaim your space and create what is true and good for you?


Francesca Nobile 

Sicilia, IT

Mom, Artist, Shamanic Integral Yoga Instructor, Sacred Dancer, Nature Lover

If you are so blessed and brave to immerse your soul into Giampiero’s eyes then streams of tears will flow and you won’t know why, but that will be the beginning of your true entry into an extraordinary lifelong journey, with Giampiero by your side.

This has happened to me, I try to express it with words, even though I know that no words can fully describe my love for him, a unique love, different from all the others, something that vibrates in a special way, something I did not know might exist. Something magical, impossible to rationalise and explain.

Giampiero is my shamanic yoga teacher, we can communicate (connect) even without speaking, without seeing each other…I can’t explain it. But, if he chooses you, you won’t be able to pretend that you don’t understand…like a flower blossoms, you will have no choice but to  blossom. So, abandon yourself, trust in his heart and you will be surprised what you can do.

Manuela Cifali

Sicilia, IT

Architect/designer/ stylist 

Forever child 

If you need a hug, one of those that lifts your soul up, Giampiero is one of those few people in the world to go to. With His words and his Tarots he looks deep in your heart and helps you to bring that shining star that is in you

Sophia Andelight

London, UK

Yoga Teacher

I met G in a moment of profound change and transformation of my life, while I decided to stop my career as an architect and start my spiritual path into yoga.

Our common professional background in architecture made our lives cross, and since then I have found in G the most inspirational help and support to my personal search for inner knowledge and awareness. 

G has always been a lighthouse for me that brings clarity and light on to things otherwise invisible to my eyes stunned by ego dominated perceptions of the world. With infinite gratitude I think back to the rich and precious, unique contribution of his imaginative visions with which he helped me to open doors to the deepest sense of self, that of the soul.

An exceptional visionary with a wisdom that goes beyond knowledge and that comes from afar. The creativity of his spirit was richly manifested in all the creations he produced in the material world as an architect. But his creativity goes further in bringing up the invisible on the intangible surface of the soul. 

If I feel the need to connect with my authentic self, when times get difficult and the need for truth becomes urgent to guide otherwise difficult choices, G is the place to go. 

I entirely rely on his sensitivity to choose the best path to help me moving forward, and I know that at the end of any session I will feel closest to my true self and guided towards a new direction with a sense of fulfillment and strength. With infinite thanks!

About the Architect

Giampiero I. Sadhu helps people to reconnect with their hearts, their emotions and souls. He shares a mystic tradition of power, energy and joy. He walks an esoteric path of awakening of the sleeping energies: an extraordinary poetic, ecstatic, creative and imaginative path.

Giampiero’s roots are well anchored in the solid land of esoteric Western Traditions such as alchemy, as well as in the Indian and Himalayan Shamanism and Tantrism. His researches are far beyond the new-age and positive-think movements to land in the unknown territory of Non-Dualism.

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