Sacred Geometry | Personal Concept Design


The SG – Personal Concept Design – AS will help you to visualise the ideal home or work-space, satisfying the natural needs of your being, living in a healthy and balanced environment.

You will have a clear understanding of who you are, where you are and what are the game’s rules of your local environment. You will reclaim your vital space, rediscovering the real boundaries and crossing new thresholds.

We guide you through a process of clear visualisation that shows you how to design the idea you want to realise.

The Personal Concept Design Service is designed to help you to overturn the usual perspective about your relationship with your home, the objects and the environment. A new universe of designing will be open up to you.

The Service is broken down in seven modules.

Each module walks you into an insight through an increasingly detailed set of guided experiences. You will receive a digital copy of your Concept Project, ready to be entrusted for the final design and realisation.



You can choose among three different treatments or the Reiki-Path, which is a series of 7 separated sessions. Every treatment has a specific intention, procedure and duration.

You will be in a safe-space where time will seems to slow down and you will be in a relaxed state. 

I will use my hands on or off, it’s your choice. We’ll simply let Reiki happen.


After the Treatment

I will guide you for fifteen minutes towards a gentle and slow coming-back.Giving and receiving Reiki is a journey for us both. This decompression phase will give you time to stay with your feelings, gently open your eyes, and share responses or impressions.