Reiki | At the Gates of Fulfilling Joy


120 minutes session.

This is the most complete and fulfilling single Reiki treatment you can choose. The  physical, emotional and intellectual levels of your being are going to be involved in a healing journey of reconnection with your soul. Your way to look at your life could be different at the end of the session.


During the fifteen minutes I will guide you to a relaxation to welcome the Reiki energy. Your mental internal narrative will be silenced, your body relaxed, your attention focused on your healing intent, and your perceptions augmented. Your heart ready to listen at the emotional-body subtle whisperers.



You can choose among three different treatments or the Reiki-Path, which is a series of 7 separated sessions. Every treatment has a specific intention, procedure and duration.

You will be in a safe-space where time will seems to slow down and you will be in a relaxed state. 

I will use my hands on or off, it’s your choice. We’ll simply let Reiki happen.


After the Treatment

I will guide you for fifteen minutes towards a gentle and slow coming-back.Giving and receiving Reiki is a journey for us both. This decompression phase will give you time to stay with your feelings, gently open your eyes, and share responses or impressions.