Mystical Marriage | Triple Path of the Mystical Marriage


This package combines the three paths of Mystical Marriage, 1st The Blazing Attunement, 2nd the Rainbow Attunement, 3rd The Hero of Awakening Attunement. 

The soul-carpenter toolbox that you’ll receive includes the tools from each path. Through this journey:

  • You’ll be guided into the heart of MM and Shamanic Integral Yoga.
  • You’ll master the practices and rituals absorbed in all three attunements.
  • You’ll make the effort to awaken your body&mind to cross the threshold of a higher level of self-consciousness.

The Practices and How They Work

The Practices are dived in three sequential levels and each level consists of 80% of direct practical experience and 20% of theory.

This aspect of the Mystical Marriage is dedicated to those holistic professionals or privates who feels to be at a turning point in their life.