Mystical Marriage | Blazing Attunement


It is a 16 hours group seminar, divided in 8 modules of 2 hours each. 

The soul-carpenter toolbox that you’ll receive:

  • You’ll briefly be introduced to the Mystical Marriage set of knowledge and you’ll be guided to build a daily routine practice.
  • Soul-Reconnection.
  • Love-Widening.
  • Ancestors’ Rendezvous.
  • The Transit State.
  • The Intent-Focusing.
  • The Blazing Attunement Ritual.

The Practices and How They Work

The Practices are dived in three sequential levels and each level consists of 80% of direct practical experience and 20% of theory.

This aspect of the Mystical Marriage is dedicated to those holistic professionals or privates who feels to be at a turning point in their life.