Archetype | Tarot of Transformation


Duration Special Bespoke Daylong Session (480 minutes) 

The Tarot Of Transformation – Special Bespoken Daylong Session is designed to put you exactly in your Permanent Gravity Centre and from that privileged point of you start an evolutionary game as the witness of your own life.

It is designed as a one-to-one intensive session, where you will be guided in a progression of breakthrough moments:

  • The map and compass to walk the Tarot unknown territory
  • The archetypes call
  • The ancestors reunion
  • Your story unveiled 
  • Your soul destiny revealed 
  • The key stone of the transformation 
  • The clear vision of the new path

Every Special Bespoken Daylong Session is unique and created for you only; there is no standard procedure. 

A week before the session day you will have a Zoom call with the tarologist to share your intent and receive details about how he thinks to proceed. 

The Free Bonus-Pack after the session

Seven days after the reading, you’ll receive via email: The Video Reordered Session MP4; The Graphic Memo PDF; A Follow-Up Ritual PDF. Why is this a very important compendium for you? The video recording is for you to go back and watch the reading. The graphic memo will help you to focus on every single card and grab unseen aspects of their message. The follow-up ritual will be a bespoken craft guiding you to manage the forces, energy and insights of the Tarot that you have embraced during the reading.

How the Blazing Rainbow Tarot of Transformation Session Works

The Blazing Rainbow Tarot Reading absolutely excludes the divination aspect. The spirit of the reading is of service-to-the-person. The intent is to give to the individual a safe space where to discover new points of view on their own world and opportunities of personal growth.