Mystical Marriage Island

We live in a state-of-fear! 

Do you have the sensation of being overwhelmed by unfair rules, of seeing the nature as an enemy? 

Do these sensations affect your professional work, your life?

Now stand, close your eyes and make the effort to see your world as you were upside down.

Yes, the never-ending mind narrative is still there, but your point of you is completely different.

The Mystical Marriage (MM) Tradition is not a religion or a philosophy.

It is the science of soul-making, the art and craft of reconnecting with your inner energies, transforming and evolving.

It is an ancient knowledge, a thread which ties Eastern and Western cultures.

MM pursues the non-dual intent of the Divine Lovers reunion, the feminine and masculine energy reunited to give form to a perfect balanced human being.

We are at war! 

The MM is by far a unique set of evolutive practices, it’s our secret weapon. Its power could be synthesised in three words ‘Back To Essence’. 

It is a gift of simplicity in a time where we are drowned in a persistent mainstream of yelled news, theories, coaching and courses or master-classes for almost everything.

In the Mystical Marriage Island you’ll find the time and space to slowdown, regenerate and rooting your life. 

I’ll build with you the compass to trace your route and to reach the essence of your being: that mythological permanent-gravity-centre. A space of silence and presence in awareness, from which to move and act without fear and limitations.

The war is inside us! 

It’s time to get-in, to literally create a witness and look for what is really happening in your life.

My work here is to translate for you the non-conventional techniques and methods of the MM, the knowledge of which is lost in time, and give you a MM-Toolbox that you can use.

The Mystical Marriage Blueprint

There is a connection among all the islands of Blazing Rainbow Archipelago: the symbology and the approach to the practices. Each symbol talks directly to our soul.

Our soul, call it our true Self, is completely identified with the body and mind and is victim of their emotions, fears and mechanical reaction to life’s events. The practice and the healings will help you to build your subtle soul-body. It is a slow process which goes from chaos to a much more  balanced state of awareness.

The Practices and How They Work

The Practices are dived in three sequential levels and each level consists of 80% of direct practical experience and 20% of theory.

This aspect of the Mystical Marriage is dedicated to those holistic professionals or privates who feels to be at a turning point in their life.  

You’ll make experience of your most hidden resources and energies and you’ll learn how to find and use them to build a more effective professional work or simply to live your life rooted in your centre.

The MM Practices are based on the verbal transmission,  It happens not through concepts or theories but channelling images and intuitions through the shamanic art of storytelling. You’ll be guided in a personal process of re-connection with your body, your heart intelligence and your soul.

The Eagle View Workshop

It is a 4 hour workshop, divided in 4 modules of 1 hour each. Due to the Covid restrictions laws it is online only, temporary.

The soul-carpenter toolbox that you’ll receive:

  • You’ll have a large and exhaustive image of what is the nuts-and-bolts of the Mystical Marriage Tradition.
  • Why the MM practices are so fundamental today and how to bring them in your daily life.
  • The Ten Minutes Practice of the Night.
  • The Ten Minutes Practice of the Morning.
  • The Five Minutes daily Awakening Exercise.
  • The short Opening-Heart Ritual.

1st The Blazing Attunement

It is a 16 hours group seminar, divided in 8 modules of 2 hours each. Due to the Covid restrictions laws it is online only, temporary.

The soul-carpenter toolbox that you’ll receive:

  • You’ll briefly be introduced to the Mystical Marriage set of knowledge and you’ll be guided to build a daily routine practice.
  • Soul-Reconnection.
  • Love-Widening.
  • Ancestors’ Rendezvous.
  • The Transit State.
  • The Intent-Focusing.
  • The Blazing Attunement Ritual.

2nd The Rainbow Attunement

It is a 16 hours group seminar, divided in 8 modules of 2 hours each. Due to the Covid restrictions laws it is online only, temporary.

The soul-carpenter toolbox that you’ll receive:

  • You’ll receive the Mystical Marriage set of Healing Rituals and you’ll be allowed and certified to give them to your clients and your beloved.
  • Attunement Rituals.
  • Soul Re-integration Ritual.
  • Soul Embracing Ritual.
  • No-Panic – Stress-Anxiety-Depression Release.
  • Body Pain Release.
  • Disturbing Images Re-Integration.
  • Beyond Mind Healing.
  • 1st Follow-Up Ritual – Triple meditation.
  • 2nd Follow-Up Ritual – Double Animal Spirit.

3rd The Hero of Awakening Attunement

It is a 16 hours group seminar, divided in 8 modules of 2 hours, the last of the Triple Path of the Mystical Marriage. Due to the Covid restrictions laws it is online only, temporary.

The soul-carpenter toolbox that you’ll receive:

  • You’ll be guided into the heart of MM and Shamanic Integral Yoga. You’ll master the practices and rituals absorbed in the first two attunements. You’ll make the effort to awaken your body&mind to cross the threshold of a higher level of self-consciousness.
  • A Journey to the Tantric roots of the Mystical Marriage.
  • Introduction to the path of shamanic Erotica (Erotics), Aestetica (Aesthetics) and Poetica (Poetics).
  • The art of Seeing.
  • The art of Touching.
  • The art of Listening.
  • The art of Eating.
  • The art of Illusions Dissolving.
  • The Qualities of the Hero Of Awakening.
  • The Vow of the Hero Of Awakening.
  • Embracing the Hug of the Great Mother.

Safety Measures at Blazing Rainbow during Covid-19

We regularly update our procedures to make sure we comply with government guidelines.


Francesca Nobile 

Sicilia, IT

Mom, Artist, Shamanic Integral Yoga Instructor, Sacred Dancer, Nature Lover

If you are so blessed and brave to immerse your soul into Giampiero’s eyes then streams of tears will flow and you won’t know why, but that will be the beginning of your true entry into an extraordinary lifelong journey, with Giampiero by your side.

This has happened to me, I try to express it with words, even though I know that no words can fully describe my love for him, a unique love, different from all the others, something that vibrates in a special way, something I did not know might exist. Something magical, impossible to rationalise and explain.

Giampiero is my shamanic yoga teacher, we can communicate (connect) even without speaking, without seeing each other…I can’t explain it. But, if he chooses you, you won’t be able to pretend that you don’t understand…like a flower blossoms, you will have no choice but to  blossom. So, abandon yourself, trust in his heart and you will be surprised what you can do.

Sophia Andelight

London, UK

Yoga Teacher

I met G in a moment of profound change and transformation of my life, while I decided to stop my career as an architect and start my spiritual path into yoga.

Our common professional background in architecture made our lives cross, and since then I have found in G the most inspirational help and support to my personal search for inner knowledge and awareness. 

G has always been a lighthouse for me that brings clarity and light on to things otherwise invisible to my eyes stunned by ego dominated perceptions of the world. With infinite gratitude I think back to the rich and precious, unique contribution of his imaginative visions with which he helped me to open doors to the deepest sense of self, that of the soul.

An exceptional visionary with a wisdom that goes beyond knowledge and that comes from afar. The creativity of his spirit was richly manifested in all the creations he produced in the material world as an architect. But his creativity goes further in bringing up the invisible on the intangible surface of the soul. 

If I feel the need to connect with my authentic self, when times get difficult and the need for truth becomes urgent to guide otherwise difficult choices, G is the place to go. 

I entirely rely on his sensitivity to choose the best path to help me moving forward, and I know that at the end of any session I will feel closest to my true self and guided towards a new direction with a sense of fulfillment and strength. With infinite thanks!

About the Mentor

Giampiero I. Sadhu helps people to reconnect with their hearts, their emotions and souls. In the Mystical Marriage Island Giampiero brings all his experience of the Shamanic Integral Yoga.

He shares a mystic tradition of power, energy and joy. He walks an esoteric path of awakening of the sleeping energies: an extraordinary poetic, ecstatic, creative and  imaginative path. Giampiero’s  roots are well anchored in the solid land of esoteric Western Traditions such as alchemy, as well as in the Indian and Himalayan Shamanism and Tantrism. His researches are far beyond the new-age and positive-think movements to land in the unknown territory of Non-Dualism.

If you are here it is because you want to achieve constant and permanent results in your life.

You are reading this words because you are ready to cross the Great Threshold between the visible and invisible worlds. 

Let’s get started!

The Eagle View Workshop

The Blazing Attunement

The Rainbow Attunement

The Hero of Awakening Attunement

The Triple Path of the Mystical Marriage

1st – 2nd – 3rd  Attunement Package

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