Molly Budd’s Voice

A Call To Resistance for Anti-Fragile Souls

Oh Oh Ay Ay!

0:01 am Greenwich, London, UK, April 01 2021.

From the Blazing Rainbow Journal, by Giampiero I. Sadhu.

Dear Reader,

I must be honest with you; I mean deadly honest. This is not a regular newsletter.

Only two weeks ago I was trying to find a way to deliver a high-value content newsletter, which guidelines were: Lightness, Quickness, Exactitude, Visibility, Multiplicity, and Consistency.

‘Be precise with your words, because words have power,’ I was saying to me, and also ‘You are writing in your second language, be aware of it, accept it, find your imperfect Anglo-Saxon voice.’ And the taste of the dandelion coffee was penetrating in my throat like a purifying magic potion. It was in that suspenseful instant that the clumsy sound of the flat-intercom yelled its urgency.

When I reached my doorway, anonymous hands had already left a box for me, no sign of the human being after those hands; this is the Covid time rule. A box for me, smelling of ocean sand, a half-destroyed label saying ‘…CON…DEN..IAL! ONLY IN G.I.SA… HANDS’.

Inside it:

  • An almost B&W picture.
  • A broken screen iPhone.
  • A Terra-di-Siena coloured envelop.

Inside? A handwritten letter and these discoloured vanilla-smelling words:

Dear G … No, you bastard,

It’s Molly B. here.

I reached the Blazing Rainbow Archipelago and your mysterious Fifth-Island.

I guess you were trying to write the BR Newsletter! No, no, no old-eagle! Here I am, and this is the deal: I, Molly Budd, will send you my podcasts. You will receive them every Monday morning, and you must transform them into the Blazing Rainbow Newsletter and send it on Monday evening.

The title will be Molly Budd’s Voice. And it is precisely what it will be, my voice for a superior intent, say the naked truth, my truth on the reality and everything. Do you think to be able to send a newsletter properly? I’m almost sure you are. I’m in great danger, thanks to you, and I don’t know how long I will be able to be ON-AIR. Good luck to me.


Oh Oh Ay Ay!

Who in the hell is Molly Budd? Excellent question, dear reader.

I must be honest with you; I mean deadly honest. Molly Budd is a young woman, a sort of urban warrior, an ‘ante-litteram’ rebel, a Flesh & Bones Archetype, a pure force of nature. I will not tell you about her story and the situation and circumstances we met, I’m sure she’ll do it.

What I care about now is giving you a clear idea of what you are going to receive every Monday evening at your email address.

If the newsletter was a book, what kind of book it would be? It would be a psychological thriller based on the Molly’s personal worldview, who lives in our dystopian reality, and that contains a revelation about our true nature and destiny.

The newsletter’s architecture will be every week the same, as Molly Budd explained to me in a WhatsApp message she left on the broken iPhone screen:

The layout has a vertical development, from top to bottom. You’ll see in sequence:

  1. The Blazing Rainbow logo
  2. Molly Budd – fantastic logo – ’cause I’m a brand!
  3. The Title and SubTitle: Molly Budd’s Voice – A Call To Resistance – For Anti-Fragile Souls
  4. An inspirational image
  5. A personal soundtrack suggestion
  6. A question of the week – you know, I love questions.
  7. The text of my unique podcast of the week

Oh! I almost forgot to say that I expect you’ll read me the emails of my listeners or readers, so I’ll give them my direct answers. Do you think you can use the iPhone I sent you? We’ll see. That’s it!’ She said.

You will discover how sharp and essential are Molly’s words. She is a contemporary woman with a superior intent, with nothing to lose, with an uncommon inner fire. Her stories of power could be hard to digest, but she is one of us and will help us face the dark side of our powerful hidden nature.

I’m eager to discover what Molly Budd will tell us with the next newsletter, the first chapter of this virtual book.

Eh-ma-hoh! (Wonder!)

Giampiero I. Sadhu

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